2 thoughts on “What Is All This Stuff?

  1. two questions…..
    can I ask for the names of the women at the top of the page….are any of them Dalrymple’s?

    I’m curious about the photo of the building in Brunswick, Maine….do you know why that is here?

    Thank you!

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    • Hi, Nancy,

      The woman in the funny hat is Margaret Gunn Brown, Ronald Dalrymple Brown’s mother. She would have been Sarah White’s daughter-in-law. The woman who had lost her teeth is Sally Fitts Brown, Sarah White’s mother-in-law.

      Ronald spent his career working for New England Bell, and he’d saved a number of photographs in his personal papers, including the building in Brunswick. My mother remembers him traveling to various stations during WWII, to help ensure telephone service in New England.



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