Meet Jonathan Brown


Jonathan & Sally Brown

Jonathan Brown was born July 19, 1793 in Candia, New Hampshire to Nathan Brown (1759-1834) and Ann Brown [Currier] (1760-1833). He married Sarah “Sally” Fitts (1801-1898) on March 6, 1822. Jonathan and Sally had seven sons, whom I’ll introduce in upcoming posts. Both Jonathan and Sally are buried in Holbrook Cemetery in Candia next to the Congregational Church, on what is today Route 27.

Sources don’t provide much of a sense of Jonathan as a person. In R. Bailey Moore’s History of Candia, he is mentioned on two lists of residents who lived beyond the age of seventy. On the original deed documenting the purchase of his farm, he is listed as a Country Gentleman (i.e., a farmer).

Moore’s book has a number of other mentions of Jonathan Brown. However, because the family tree is showing so many Jonathan Browns and I don’t yet have the descendants of my progenitor’s other sons identified, I have flagged Moore’s other mentions of Jonathan for further research to confirm exactly which Jonathan he was referring to.

It would seem, then, that Jonathan worked (and expanded) the Candia farm to provide a comfortable home for Sally and a place for their sons to grow and prosper, which they did, except for two. One died at age eighteen; the other died in an insane asylum. They are buried with their parents in Holbrook Cemetery in Candia.



4 thoughts on “Meet Jonathan Brown

  1. It is a challenge to research Brown. I am a Brown also and I know that researching a common name is difficult. Every cemetery, book index, census report has Browns. Which ones are ours? Good luck with your research.

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  2. Thanks, Colleen! My granddad, Ronald Brown, of Lexington, Mass. traced his patrilinial line to the first ancestor in the US (John Brown ~1595-1686, Salem, Mass.) I’m trying to find out more about these folks in terms of their stories–which is doubly challenging because it seems as though seven generations just recycled the same dozen or so first names!


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