One Step Closer to Asa Warren Brown?


Hiram Brown Letter, photograph, Heirlooms Reunited, August 3, 2012, accessed February 12, 2017,

This week finds me still obsessed with finding Asa Warren Brown. If you’ll recall, he wrote History of the Hampton Browns tracing his lineage to John Brown (~1595-1686), who is my progenitor as well, although through a different son.

I thought I was one step closer to finding the man I now consider my snarking cousin several times removed when I found a letter to him from one Hiram Brown on Heirlooms Reunited, which has been transcribed by Pam Beveridge on Heirlooms Reunited:

Alas, there was no corresponding letter from Asa in response to Hiram’s inquiry.

Curses, Foiled Again!

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