Sentimental Sunday: A Grandmother’s Love

My mother saved this little notecard from my grandmother Velma in my baby book, which I used to look through on a regular basis when I was a kid. I liked studying pictures of myself from a time I couldn’t remember. (I found my infant and toddler selves quite fascinating, in fact.)

When I began looking through family pictures and memorabilia last year with the thought of starting a family history blog, I hadn’t looked at the note in decades. Reading these lines sixty years after Velma wrote them and forty years after she died, I was struck by just how much she must have loved me.

Velma was not a demonstrative woman, and I was not a demonstrative child–but the connection between the two of us was there, and it’s even stronger now that I have reached the age she was then. How I miss her.

Dear Liz – ‘beth’ –

Thought you might like your “tickle” feather, which was on the bathroom floor — We enjoyed your visit and look forward to when you can come again — perhaps with mummy, daddy + baby George —

Much Love + “Hugga”

from Grandmummy


Today’s post was inspired by Elizabeth Swaney O’Neal’s Genealogy Blog Party for February: Stories of Love. I’ve been participating in Elizabeth’s Genealogy Blog Party for the past several months now. It’s a great way to sample what other family history bloggers are doing, offer encouragement, and get ideas. I encourage you to check it out!

8 thoughts on “Sentimental Sunday: A Grandmother’s Love

  1. it makes me think maybe sometime the things I send my grandchildren will be a reminder of the deep love a Grandmother has for her granchildren. I enjoyed reading this. for a fellow member of the Online Writing Community who has been rather quiet lately, but lurking.

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