Mystery Monday: Unidentified Dalhousie Friends

Anyone You Know?

These two unidentified photographs were with Velma Moore’s Dalhousie photographs from 1915-1919. However, I’ve been unable to identify the subjects. The profile photo was probably taken a little later, in the early 1920s, judging from the style and fabric of the dress.

Unknown Subject, Dalhousie University, Class or 1918 or 1919


Mystery Monday – How Did These People Get in Here?

scarygirlI found this photograph in an envelope marked, Get Rid of? No notation on the back to identify who this family was or what they were to us. I see no family resemblance, and the hulking girl in the back looks like a bully, if you ask me. If anyone wishes to claim this family, I’d be happy to mail them to you. (And if the bully grew up to be your sainted grandmother, please accept my apologies for poking fun at her expense!)